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Why Do You Need A Second Opinion?

A cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming. Liyfe Clinic can help you through each step of your cancer journey. Liyfe Clinic utilizes telemedicine to provide you with a second opinion on your breast cancer treatment or with cancer-related resources based on your needs.

Get a remote breast cancer second opinion via telemedicine

What Are The Reasons To Get A Second Opinion?

1. Informed decision. You’re having trouble talking with your doctor, or you want your options explained by someone else.

2. Explore options. You want to know every possible treatment option so you can pick which is best for you.

3. Complications. You have a rare or unusual diagnosis, or you have medical history.

Some patients worry about offending their doctor by getting a second opinion, but many physicians and cancer organizations actually encourage patients to do so. In fact, the Susan G. Komen Foundation recommends every patient get a second opinion.

Why Choose Liyfe

Our service is on-demand, which allows you to get a second opinion anytime, anywhere, even from the comfort of your home.

a. On your time.

b. Upload from phone.

c. Ask questions when you have them?
Quick Results
We realize your time is a precious resource, so we commit to a 2-day turnaround to ensure you get your results as quickly as possible. As a comparison, the turnaround time for most hospitals usually more than 2 weeks.
More Access
With a Liyfe Second Opinion, you are not limited to seeing physicians in your area but instead, get access to top rated oncologists from highly regarded cancer centers across the country.

With a Liyfe Membership, you get access to Liyfe’s full team of specialists, including nutritionists and social workers. Find out more about Liyfe Membership Here.
No Hidden Cost
Cancer treatment can be expensive, especially if your insurance does not cover all your costs. At Liyfe, we let you know the price of services upfront, so you won’t receive an unexpected bill down the road.

Because we are 100% online, most overhead costs associated with brick-and-mortar practices are eliminated. We pass these savings on to you by keeping service prices as low as possible.
It’s important to minimize exposure to potential viruses like COVID-19, especially when you have cancer. Because all of Liyfe’s services are online, you don’t have to step foot into a clinic or even leave the comfort of your home.
Feel a lump? Remote breast cancer telemedicine.

How It Works

01: Sign Authorization Form

We help you obtain digital medical records from your doctor.

02: Get Matched with an Oncologist

We will match you with a Liyfe Oncologist depending on your needs and their speciality.

03: Written Report

Your Liyfe Oncologist will review your records and write a report based on their assessment. Within 2 days, you will receive your written report in the app.   

04: Video Chat

Schedule a video chat follow-up with your Liyfe Oncologist to review and discuss your written report.

  • We recommend having a family member or a friend present for the video chat to help and ask questions.

05: Follow-ups

Get one month of FREE, unlimited follow-ups via chat to ask any additional questions you may have.


Find Out if a Liyfe Second Opinion is Right For You

Before you commit to paying for a Liyfe Second Opinion, you can schedule a consultation with a Liyfe Specialist to find out if a Liyfe Second Opinion is right for you.

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If the cancer is mild, i.e. stage 0 or 1. Is it necessary to get a second opinion?

If cancer is complicated, should third or fourth "Second Opinions" be necessary?

I don't want to have chemo therapy. It's too hard. Can I find a second opinion that does not include chemo?

If the breast cancer second opinions are different from the original ones, what should the patients do?

Getting a second opinion takes time. Is it more important to start treatment asap or invest time to get a second opinion?

Will the first oncologist be offended if the patient gets a second opinion?