Liyfe Remote Patient Management (RPM) for decentralized clinical trials

Liyfe proprietary AI-based oncology platform automates patient facing data collections in a real world setting to support decentralized clinical trials. 

Differentiate clinical study sponsors

Liyfe to enhance and improve decentralized clinical trials

  • Collect clinical trial data in a seamless and patient centric format
  • Collect real world evidence
  • Enable the execution of pragmatic clinical studies
  • Enhance engagement and retention
  • Improve workflow and data collection for clinical study monitors
  • Improve efficiency and effectiveness of data collection
  • Enable the retention of post study completion

Real-World Evidence (RWE)

Liyfe integrates a wide range of elements along the care continuum to provide unique patient insights. This provides a comprehensive set of longitudinal Real World Evidence including

  • Patient profile
  • Diagnosis
  • TNM Staging
  • Oncology drug treatment
  • Compliance and Persistency 
  • Adverse Events
  • Side effect profile
  • Side effect related disease progression
  • Nutrition choices
  • Emotional status
  • Quality of life