Breast Cancer Patient Education and Symptom Management

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Connecting the Dots in Cancer Care

Liyfe is a telemedicine platform that connects practices and patients with customized cancer resources to ensure comprehensive care and optimize outcomes.

Liyfe for Practices

Due to financial constraints, practices are sometimes forced to operate with reduced staff while treating the same volume of patients and maintaining the same level of patient care. This predicament can lead to overwhelmed nurses, reduced time with doctors, and lack of access to oncology-specific social workers and nutritionists. Liyfe can provide support to centers at various points in the patient journey to provide comprehensive care and optimize patient outcomes.

Cancer Support Tailored to Your Practice’s Needs and Goals

Liyfe partners with centers by supporting patients at various points in their cancer journey, whether that requires managing symptoms, providing education, or connecting patients with nutritional or emotional support. Depending on your practice’s specific needs and goals, Liyfe can adapt its support to best support your practice and ensure patient care is seamless throughout their entire cancer journey.

Educate and guide patients throughout their cancer journey

Manage Patient Symptoms

Proactively connect patients with nutritional and emotional support

Provide 24/7 access to Liyfe Care Team

Benefits of Partnering with Liyfe

Optimize Patient Outcomes

Enhance Patient Satisfaction

Maximize Reimbursement

Reduce the Overall Costs

Liyfe for Patients

Cancer is complex as is its treatment. When patients are diagnosed with cancer, they are also faced with many potentially life-altering decisions, which can be overwhelming. They have many questions before, during, and after treatment and may not have the opportunity to ask all of their questions in clinic. That’s where Liyfe comes in.

Liyfe connects patients with the resources they need throughout their cancer journey, from diagnosis through survivorship. Via the Liyfe App, patients are able to track their symptoms, interact with the Liyfe Care Team at any time, and access evidence-based educational resources.

Access to Care at Your Fingertips

Track Symptoms with the Liyfe App

Liyfe Care Team

Cancer Specialists Providing Cancer Care

The symptoms and emotions experienced while undergoing cancer treatment vary from other disease treatments and are specific to each individual. That’s why the Liyfe Care Team consists of practitioners who specialize in cancer and understand the unique challenges cancer patients face.

From oncology-specific nurses and nurse practitioners, social workers, nutritionists, to oncologists – the Liyfe Care Team is here to support you and provide personalized guidance at any point in your cancer journey.

What Liyfe Patients Say

Since I did an ultrasound and mammogram last Monday and a biopsy on Tuesday, I was immersed with anxiety. The bad news came to me snippet after snippet. I didn’t know what was in front of me. I was so scared to tell my friends and family. Your professional information and encouragement means so much to me!        
Rui | April 28, 2020
Thank you Liyfe! I am very satisfied with the second opinion you offered me. The best part is that I can choose what time works for me (I am still working), and I don't need to wait for weeks to request another hospital’s opinion. I need to decide whether to do chemo by Friday, and your doctor helped me make a decision that is good for my situation.
Shirley | April 08, 2020
In the past month, I woke up from dreams at night countless times, drenched in sweat. The information and stories I read online made me so scared. Liyfe Clinic's professional consultation corrected the misinformation. Now I have more confidence with the treatment ahead of me, and I will do my best. Thank you so much Liyfe!
John | April 04, 2020
*Actual patient names are not supplied due to HIPAA

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